Its a Tin Drum

After driving the van 20-30 miles I now truly see the value of doing sound deadening. On the way to the dealership I measured an average of 97db with a peak of 107bd. 

It was so loud I couldn’t talk on the phone and could hardly hear the stereo. On the way home I measured the same stretch at the same speed in my Yukon and got 83 and 87db…MUCH quieter







So here we do with the floor removal, sound deadening mat, then closed cell insulating foam. Next week will be the reinstallation of the factory floor, with no modifications except strategically placed flush mount “L” track.

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Curious, where did you get the mats? Also, what effect did the mats have after installation?


    Hi Scott,
    I bought the deadener and the floor insulation from Amazon. Both are Noico products. Before installation I measured an average of 97db and afterward on the same stretch of highway it averaged 92db. The first reading was with the plastic factory wall panels in place and the second was with them removed, so that probably added a bit of noise to the measurement. I’m quite pleased with the outcome.


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