Espar S2D2

At SprinterEngineering we make every effort to only sell and install products we'd use in our personal vans. With that philosophy in mine we have decided to only sell and install the new (2019) Espar S2D2 heaters. This model is the replacement for the tried and true D2 heaters that have been going in vans and trucks for years. The S2 has some notable upgrades which make it our only option here at SprinterEngineering.

The first upgrade and probably the most important in our minds is that the new version is designed to operate within a much greater altitude range. Altitude adjustment is automatically handled by the Eberspacher Airtronic 2 up to 3000m above sea level; no additional altitude kit is required.

The other upgrades are mostly noise related. The fan is now a brushless model with stepless speed control and the fuel pump is upgraded and the clicking of the pump is much less noticeable.

Lastly, the new Airtronic S2 includes Eberspacher CAN bus technology, giving users the opportunity to operate the unit via CAN-based controllers like the EasyStart PRO. The EasyStart PRO has many advantages including, Timers, Text-based fault readouts and external temperature sensing.

Overall this is a MUCH better heater than the old D2, and our kits come with the EasyStart PRO controller included. These heaters are a bit more expensive, but when you factor in that you don't need the altitude kit or the upgraded controller, the price is only a few hundred more.

Here's a link to our installation video

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