Custom Van Builds

Project Scope

The first step in building your very own adventure van is to determine the scope of your conversion.  What type of van do you have or want to convert and what is your budget. This requires a conversation, so call us and after a 10-15 minute chat we can send you a price list with the basic features needed to accomplish your goal. If our price is in your ballpark, then we schedule a much longer follow-up phone call to discuss the vehicle, time schedules and finalize pricing.

Once all the particulars are ironed out and we are all comfortable with the plan, we can go to contract.  To get started on your project we require a 75% deposit on the conversion.

How long do conversions take?

Full custom Sprinter van conversions with lift kit, suspension upgrades, solar, water, galley, shower, fridge, etc take about four months. A simple cargo conversion with just the base Adventure Wagon RUV kit takes about two weeks.

How much does a conversion cost?

Again, a complete high-end conversion can be upwards of $130k, while a simple RUV install is only $20k

*** All projects over $25,000 will have a 10% Project Management fee added to the cost of materials and labor. ***

Where is Sprinter Engineering located?

The Sprinter Engineering shop is located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

We generally prefer to build warm, comfortable, highly functional, and well designed vans for living and traveling.  If you simply want a utilitarian gear/bike hauler, we can do that too.

Our Style

All of our vans start out life as base cargo vans and then get the Adventure Wagon RUV (Recreational Utility Vehicle) base kit. The base kit includes  insulation, sound deadening, two fantastic fans, lots of  “L” track, nicely finished walls, a MOAB adjustable height bed, and LED lights in the ceiling. The kits can be ordered in an extensive array of finishes and colors or we can order them bare and apply custom finishes in our SLC shop.

From there, it’s really up to you. We can stop with just the RUV kit or continue and do a full custom build, whatever you want and your budget can afford. 

Our Experience

Sprinter Engineering started in 2018 in Salt Lake City, Utah. See our projects, past and present, on our IG account #sprinterengineering and on this site’s Gallery page. You can also see our projects and products in person at various expos around the country and in Canada.

In the mean time, think of us like a custom homebuilder. Working closely with our clients to build the van of their dreams, we use the highest quality materials that last and can withstand off-roading. You won’t ever find any particle board or plastic parts in our vans. And, if the part you need or want doesn’t exist, we have the ability to fabricate almost anything.