Potable Water Systems

Water Systems in vans are integral for a boon-docking van and therefore each water system kit is custom designed based on your specific needs.  Just call us to discuss how you are going to use your van and we will work up a custom quote.  Below are some general things to think about when building your potable water system.

The size and components of the system is determined by the number of fixtures (sink, shower, etc), and the number of occupants and their daily needs. Some vans only need water for cooking and washing dishes, while others might need a toilet, shower, and external shower/dog washer.

The basic components of a water system are:

1. Water tanks. Every system needs a fresh and grey water tank. The grey water tank (waste water from the sink and shower) should be sized to about 60% of the fresh. Some builds also require a black water tank for toilet waste.  We strongly recommend just doing a Thetford Cassette Toilet and skipping the black water tank all-together.

2. Water Pump. We use the SureFlow 3GPM pump as it’s quiet and mimics residential water pressure pretty well. When you are calculating fresh water tank size think 3 gallons per minute of shower time.

3. Filtration. We use a strainer on the tank fill line and then a purifier under the sink. This set up allows you to fill up from any garden hose water supply and have tasty drinking/cooking water.

4. Water Heater. Isotherm makes terrific water heaters that are insulated so well that hot water stays hot for 24 hours. These heaters can run on 120v from the inverter, or using thermal transfer from the engine coolant, or from an Espar Hydronic heater.

When budgeting for a complete water system with all the components above, plan on about $1000 plus a heater.  Sprinter Engineering can also install you water system at $125 per hour.  A water system installation generally requires about 10 hours.